How to Guide for parents and pupils

Seesaw is an online platform on which teachers can set activities for students and students can respond. All boys have their own personal logins for SeeSaw, allowing them to view the work set for them and their responses.

How can my child log on?

3. They should then enter their unique code in the ‘text code’ box seen below.

How do I know what work is being set for my child?

1. Refer to the class timetable for the week.

2. Look at the notification section of SeeSaw, to see the daily morning update from your class teacher. This should detail what lessons are being set for the day

3. Then look at the activities section of SeeSaw. The activities for that day can be found there, with instructions of how to complete them.

What if my child forgets the instructions whilst they are responding to their activity?

If your child is responding to work, they can click on the ‘view instructions’ button at the top of the screen.

How do I add my child’s work to SeeSaw?

All activities should come with instructions as to how to respond on SeeSaw.

1. Depending on the activity, your child may respond directly to the activity using the template uploaded by the class teacher. This will pop up automatically if they click on the 'Add Response' button:

2. If the activity requires your child to print the worksheet and respond on the printed sheet, then you could add a picture of their work for their Class Teacher to see. Click on the 'Add Response' button and choose the photo option, or ‘upload document’ option to add their work

3. Many of the pieces of work set for your child will allow them to respond in a number of different ways. They may wish to create a video or write a story etc. All of these options are available when you click on the 'Add Response' button of the activity.

How will my Class Teacher respond to my child’s work?

Once you have uploaded your child’s work, the Class Teacher can respond in the comments section underneath, either using a voice recording or written comments. This may either be a response to the marked worked you have uploaded, or it could be feedback on their work, requiring the student to edit their work and re upload at a later date.

Can my child reply to their marking?

Yes, if their Class Teacher leaves a comment or voice note under their work your child can reply below in the same way.

How can I contact my Class Teacher?

All Class Teachers will still have access to their emails during any remote working period. They will continue to use the school policy to reply within a maximum of 24 hours.

What about specialist subject lessons?

When the boys log onto their SeeSaw accounts they will automatically be logged onto their Class group accounts. However, if they click on their name (in the top left of the screen) they will see that they can also access the SeeSaw accounts for each specialist subject as well. They will be able to view and respond to activities in exactly the same way as mentioned before, via these accounts too.