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Remote Learning

Eaton House is committed to providing as close to the fullest possible education for all pupils. Over the summer term, teachers and families pulled together to support each other during the move to temporary online learning. The teachers were able to offer a high-quality learning experience with data sharing that 98% of parents felt that the communication during the remote learning period was clear, and 96% of parents satisfied with the school's remote learning arrangements.

During the summer term, the school offered detailed guidance for parents, by clicking on the arrow below or they were able to download the Guidance for Parents here.

Parents were also encouraged to download and read the 'Code of Conduct' with your son.

All further communications regarding remote learning can be found on the new enhanced Parent Portal.

Guidance for Parents


As effective communication is at the heart of the teaching and learning process, the implementation of Zoom will enable us to refine both our academic and pastoral provision. Zoom will allow the teachers to talk to and see the whole class simultaneously, allowing teachers to introduce new concepts, lead the boys through their tasks, clarify scheduling and answer questions. Accessing Zoom will be done by simply clicking on a link that will be sent to you by a teacher. A guide to using Zoom is outlined at the end of this document.

Many of these sessions, plus Music, French and PE lessons, will also be pre-recorded. This means that if you cannot make the live lesson, the lesson can be watched at another time to suit you. These lessons will be archived in your child’s SeeSaw page and can be viewed by the children as many times as they wish, giving them more practice and repetition of key skills throughout their time at home.

Online Learning Rules of Engagement

We would be grateful if your son could comply with the following rules when taking part in online learning via Zoom:

  1. Boys are encouraged to treat each day as a school day. They can wear home clothes or school uniform.

  2. Please ensure your child is ready to learn and logged on before the scheduled time

  3. Check the technical issues of sound and vision are sorted before the start of the session

  4. If possible, support your child’s engagement throughout the lesson

  5. Respect the teacher – deal with any concerns outside of the live lesson

  6. Send completed work to teacher on a regular basis

  7. Comply with the school’s safeguarding policy and procedures

a. No recording of live sessions

b. Appropriate dress and conduct at all times

c. Appropriate use of images and websites during live lessons

d. Appropriate language

Please see our separate ‘Code of Conduct’ document which outlines the rules of engagement during online learning.


Eaton House will continue to work in accordance with our safeguarding policy and procedures as well as statutory guidance on safeguarding which can be found here: Keeping children safe in education (KCSIE). If you have any questions regarding this, please contact Roosha Sue.

Pastoral Care

Using Zoom will allow the boys to benefit from weekly one-to-one conversations with their class teacher in order to review their progress, discuss their feelings and explore any concerns. This face-to-face contact will be a vital tool for us maintaining the wonderfully strong and warm relationships developed between the staff and the boys and will assist us in gauging the emotional and mental health of each child in our care.


The SeeSaw platform utilised by the boys during our soft launch will continue to play a role in the delivery of the curriculum. The amount of time and focus given to SeeSaw will be age dependent as we recognise that our younger boys, in particular, require more support when accessing this tool. A parent guide to setting up and using SeeSaw is accessible at the end of this page.


If your son is unable to attend school, please could I ask you to contact his class teacher by 9.00am of the day in question.


The timetables have been created to provide variety as well as a degree of flexibility. Some of the tasks the boys will be asked to complete will be done through SeeSaw, but a notable proportion will be done with pencil/pen, paper and other easily accessible tangible resources. This will enable the boys to be as independent as possible and will reduce the need for parents to be engaged in significant amounts of downloading and printing.

The timetables will include provision for reading, which may take the form of boys doing silent reading at home, reading to their teacher or, indeed, involve the teacher reading to the entire class. Weekly spellings will continue to be set and tested, and mental maths skills such as times tables will also be regularly practised and assessed.

Practising the correct letter and number formation to achieve neat, legible handwriting remains a vital skill for the boys. Handwriting lessons, therefore, are on the timetable and if there is ever additional time you wish to fill, the task of writing a card, postcard or letter to a friend or family member could help the boys put their learning into practice.

Please note that whilst Drama and British Values do not appear as distinct subjects on the timetable, some of the associated skills and knowledge sets will be integrated into the sessions led by your son’s class teacher.

Marking and Tracking

In order to provide feedback, both oral and written, on the work the boys produce, it is important that the teachers are able to see evidence wherever possible. This means that any work undertaken is uploaded onto your son’s SeeSaw journal regularly. We shall be tracking the progress your son makes through our marking, and teachers will continue to provide appropriate targets.


PE lessons on the timetable will, like the other subjects, be led by a member of the PE department who will be talking and demonstrating via Zoom a series of exercises for the boys to engage with and enjoy whilst indoors. For the Games sessions, however, as these sessions are longer, the boys will given a list of activities that they may wish to do that will not require them to be in front of the screen.

Life Skills

Equipping our children with practical skills that enable them to become more confident, independent individuals is a key element within our timetable. It is also an opportunity for the boys to collaborate with either their parents or siblings in order to achieve the common goal of maintaining a happy, harmonious home. We shall be providing a list of suggested age-appropriate tasks that might include making their bed, helping pack/unpack the dishwasher, laying the table, helping in the garden, learning to tie shoelaces etc.

Free Play (KG)

With our youngest boys, it is important that they do have time to make choices and determine their own activities. Independent play often promotes creativity and resourcefulness whilst playing with others will, of course, also help to develop speaking and listening skills. Board games, puzzles and jigsaws all require strategy, reasoning and patience, three hugely valuable skills for academic success and life beyond school.


We will not be setting formal homework during this period, but in order to keep all the schools as aligned as possible, we have extended the timetable so that the day concludes at 4pm.


Maintaining a whole school community as well as individual classes will be achieved by having a Boys’ School assembly once a week. This assembly will be led by Miss Roosha and will reinforce the shared principles embedded within the school’s ethos. This will also be an opportunity to celebrate the boys’ academic successes as well as the many wonderful skills and traits being developed as a consequence of their time spent at home. House points, Good Shows and Learning Habits will continue to be awarded in order to help maintain high levels of motivation and ensure the boys feel recognised for their endeavours.

A Guide for Parents

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