Eaton House Belgravia

Remote Learning Timetables and Resources

Remote Learning

Our digital learning plan was introduced to provide activities and a structure for the boys and parents, and to try to provide a sense of continuity for the children in the extraordinary COVID times. Our aim was, therefore, not to replicate a home-schooling context, but to provide a model which recognises the current challenges.

We understand the issues that working remotely presented for parents as they too have commitments, so we endeavoured to strike a balance between activities that the boys can do independently, face to face with the staff via Zoom and other platforms and work they submitted to us via the online activities they complete, direct emails, videos and photos of work. We have had some amazing examples throughout the time of lockdown..

You will find detailed guidance shared with parents, by clicking on the arrow below or you can download the guide here (April 2020).

Parents were also encouraged to download and read the 'Code of Conduct' with their sons.

Guidance for Belgravia Parents


A little more on Zoom. As effective communication is at the heart of the teaching and learning process, the implementation of Zoom will enable us to refine both our academic and pastoral provision. Being a video-conferencing platform, Zoom will allow the teachers to talk to and see the whole class simultaneously. This, in turn, will mean the teachers can introduce new concepts, lead the boys through their tasks, clarify scheduling and answer questions. Accessing Zoom will be done by simply clicking on a link that will be sent to you by a teacher - more information to follow.


A clear timetable will be followed between 9am and 3.30pm, with teachers on hand to answer any questions you may have at the appropriate times. This is a new venture for all of us and together we can provide continuity and a sense of community, albeit a distance learning one. If the times present a challenge please let your son’s teacher know. Miss Nadia and I will also be ‘dropping in’ to lessons as well as running assemblies.

The activities will be sent to you the day before to give you and your sons time to prepare. The boys should ideally complete the lessons in line with the timetable.

As you will see from the example timetables, we shall begin each day with a session at the start of the day for KGs to Year 3 that we either start with reading and phonics or more physical warm ups. The reading may take the form of boys doing silent reading at home, reading to their teacher or, indeed, involve the teacher reading to the entire class. The Year 4s and 5s lessons begin with a range of lessons from this time too.

The core subjects of English and Maths will take place in the morning, punctuated by break at 10.30am.

You do not necessarily have to print things off and send them back to us. If work can be answered directly in an email back to the teachers, then that is fine. If you do print work off or if the children have completed anything else you’d like to send the teachers, then a photograph or scanned image emailed back will be perfect. The teachers will be online between 8am and 4pm Monday to Friday.

Whilst academic work is important, so are activities to help our mental health, which is why I want to stress the flexibility of this plan and why we have constructed a timetable with a range of subjects and activities included.


If your son is unable to attend school, please could I ask you to contact his form teacher by 9.00am of the day in question.

Marking and Tracking

In order to provide feedback, both oral and written, on the work the boys produce, it is important that the teachers are able to see evidence wherever possible. Ideally, this means that any English or Maths work undertaken in the morning is fed back to your son’s teacher.

We shall be tracking the progress your son makes through our marking, and teachers will continue to provide appropriate targets. The teachers will also be telling me at the end of the week the progress every boy is making in English and maths. This reflection is then fed in to what they plan to do the following week to ensure our curriculum is being covered, that the boys’ attainment is progressing and they are receiving the challenges they need.


This is between 11.50am and 1.00pm every day.


In the afternoons, there will then be a range of activities on offer in line with our normal timetables.

From 1.00pm, we shall again be asking the boys to connect with their form teacher to register.

So as to avoid the boys spending too much time in front of a screen on any single day, the afternoon lessons will, in most cases, lead to the boys carrying out a task which is creative, physical, STEM, humanities related, language or play based.


Regular exercise is, of course, going to be vital for the physical and mental wellbeing of the boys. PE lessons on the timetable will be led by a member of the PE department who could be demonstrating via Zoom a series of exercises for the boys to engage with and enjoy whilst indoors or using a range of other resources.

For the Games sessions the boys will be given a list of activities they may wish to do that will not require them to be in front of the screen, or other suggested activities.

Golden Time - KGs

With our youngest boys, it is important that they have time to make choices and determine their own activities. Independent play often promotes creativity and resourcefulness whilst playing with others will, of course, also help to develop speaking and listening skills. Board games, puzzles and jigsaws all require strategy, reasoning and patience, three hugely valuable skills for academic success and life beyond school.


We will not be setting formal homework during this period, but in order to keep all the schools as similarly aligned as possible, staff are available until 4pm Monday to Friday.


Maintaining a whole school community as well as individual classes will be achieved by having a School assembly once a week. This assembly will be led by me and will reinforce the shared principles embedded within the school’s ethos through a variety of different ideas. House points and Good Shows will continue to be awarded in order to help maintain high levels of motivation and ensure the boys feel recognised for their endeavours.


During the remote learning period please do not hesitate to contact your son’s form teacher if you have any specific questions or concerns about his interaction with the program or any aspect of his wellbeing.

What should we have at home in preparation for the start of term?

  • Access to a laptop for your son

  • A way of scanning non-electronic work to upload for marking, such as:

- the ‘Tiny Scanner’ app, which takes a ’scan’ using the camera on your phone. You can email it straight to from the app and store saved ones. o

  • Lined and squared paper for any handwritten work