Additional Resources

Early years resources

This is a government website that gives very good advice on learning at home with a young child. It includes useful recommended apps as well.


Classics for Kids

BBC Sounds every style and period of music from around the world. Plus, radio and podcasts. Audio heaven!

Royal Opera House

The Royal Opera House has launched a programme of free online content for the 'culturally curious' at home.


The Body Coach

Kick start the day with a burst of activity with @thebodycoach at 9am. It's amazing what exercise can do for your mental and physical wellbeing early in the morning.



Supports practical work in science, D&T and art. The website has lots of ideas on practical activities that children can do at home but your school must be a member.

Science Museum

A downloadable booklet of science activities and experiments that can be done at home.

Mystery Science free science lessons

Peregrine Watch from Warwickshire Wildlife Trust

Please also visit our Wellbeing Hub, which is regularly updated with useful information and tools to help you navigate through these weeks and potential months of disruption ahead.

This area will be updated with lots of useful extra-curricular activities next week. Keep checking back for more resources...!